TLC Faux Switch Plates

Custom Hand Painted

These electrical plates are custom faux finish paintings. Hand painted to resemble marble, granite, terrazzo, wood grain, tumbled marble tiles. 

This fine hand detailed art work by TLC painters in south Florida is available among the many other finish and faux techniques offered by TLC Interiors and Exteriors, Inc.

Faux finishes in Miami Florida, Ft Lauderdale and FL Keys. These custom switch plates are faux painted and match back splash tiles, granite, marble, more!

TLC creates customized faux marble, faux stone, faux wood, more!

Luxury, artistry, perfection! TLC painting company in south Florida does the job right from start to finish. Lasting quality, thorough prep work, and the finest materials are all part of the skills utilized by the best commercial and residential paint companies in south Florida. Offering cutting edge custom designs, TLC is one of the best faux finishing companies in south Florida and throughout the Florida Keys.